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Blue Penguin Soft Toy with Sound

Blue Penguin Soft Toy with Sound

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Blue Penguin Soft Toy with Sound

This Blue Penguin is a soft toy that makes the actual sound of the New Zealand Blue Penguin when pressed.

It measures 15cm in height.

About the Blue Penguin
The little penguin, commonly called the little blue or just blue penguin in New Zealand and fairy penguin in Australia typically grows to only 43 centimeters with a weight of 1 kilogram. The little penguins breed along our entire coastline and have a long lifespan average of about six to seven years, although they can live up to 20 years. They are mainly inshore feeders preferring the warm water but travel and dive extensively hunting fish, squid and other sea animals. Little penguins live in large colonies and they remain faithful to their partner once breeding commences at around three to four years. during the first 3 weeks the chicks are attended to constantly and left to their own at 8 weeks.

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