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Busy Bees by Hamish Allan Greeting Card

Busy Bees by Hamish Allan Greeting Card

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Busy Bees by Hamish Allan Greeting Card

Card Size: 15.5 x 15.5cm

Envelope included

Made in New Zealand

It is an age of email and messaging, no longer do we take the time to write a letter or send a simple greeting. However even with the tech age overtaking our lives there are simple pleasures to be found in receiving a letter or simple greeting card from a friend.

Each of the cards in this collection feature a piece of art by a New Zealand artist. On the reverse there is an artist photograph and a biography of the artist. Each of the cards comes with an envelope.

About Hamish Allan

Hamish works from his home in Christchurch New Zealand where he lives with his partner and two children.

His style is characterised by clean precise imagery often depicting stylised representational New Zealand landscapes and often incorporating iconic architecture. His interest in the relationship between the Landscape and human intervention is often present and Hamish endeavours to portray this in a contemporary manner. He is fond of looking through his rose tinted glasses at times gone by.

His work has a feeling of space and a sense of the serene created by leaving out unnecessary imagery creating a stripped back essential image. Taking time to render a seamless drift of tone and a conscious pushing and pulling of perspective providing an intriguing and rewarding visual experience.

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