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Fragrances Of Aotearoa Perfume

Fragrances Of Aotearoa Perfume


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Fragrances Of Aotearoa is a range of seven cream perfumes designed to celebrate the essence that lies within this magnificent land of New Zealand. They are created from quality fragrance oils blended into a creamy, solid base. The same concentration as liquid perfume, they contain no alcohol, won't spill or stain and leave the skin richly perfumed.

Delightfully and simply elegant in design, the collectible wooden pots were inspired by the flora of the South Pacific. Practical as well as lightweight, they can be tucked into a handbag, cosmetic case, gym bag or pocket.

15 Fragrances to choose from:

Pacific Goddess: A deeply rich and enticing blend full of spicy vanilla extracts. A sensual fragrance entwined with the seductive warmth of a tropical evening. An empowering presence that envelopes the senses with the satiny warm essence of an ancient grove.

Pacific Pleasure : A perfect balance of blended florals, versatile and easy to wear at any age. Reminiscent of the quickening of a mountain breeze, the budding tendrils of fresh growth. A soft fragrance brimming with cool translucence.

Green Tea : A fresh and energising fusion of green and floral. Top notes of peppermint and lemon with jasmine heart notes heightening sensuality and relaxing the spirit. Cool and exhilarating. The serene crispness of the dawn. The sparkling vitality of a rushing stream.

Island Passion : A complex, dramatic and smouldering blend, layered with spicy and fruity notes. Beautiful in cool and hot climates with a depth of fusion that celebrates both masculinity and femininity. The unforgettable passion of our South Pacific Isles.

White Musk : An earthy, expansive fusion for both men and women, with high notes of spice to warm the senses. Deep, cool floral and fruity notes added to create perfect balance. A sensual, empowering fragrance, energizing body and mind.

Frangipani : Radiating a bold scent of sensation and unspeakable beauty, the Pacific's best loved flower overflows with an irresistably timeless and enticing fragrance. One of Fiji and Hawaii's most popular scents, this classic essence is the embodiment of a floral perfection.

Akaroa Rose :A captivating floral that celebrates the classic perfection of the rose. The timeless nature of Akaroa Rose is an enticing and harmonic blend for young and old, for both day and night. The flawless essence of a perfect day.
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