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Kakapo Hand Puppet with Sound

Kakapo Hand Puppet with Sound

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Kakapo Hand Puppet with Sound

This Kakapo is a hand puppet that makes the actual sound of the New Zealand Kakapo when pressed. It's head also swivels and is controlled from inside the puppet.

It measures 26cm tall.

About the Kakapo
The world's only flightless parrot and one of the world's longest-living birds (120 yrs). They are nocturnal and herbivorous. Having evolved on an oceanic island, with few predators and abundant food, they became the worlds heaviest parrot and lost the ability to fly. Polynesian and European colonisation with accompanying mammalian predators, have meant it is now critically endangered with only around 130 alive. The Kakapo has a variety of calls including a loud low frequency "booming" by males to attract females. The Kakapo has one of the lowest rates of reproduction among birds. Breeding only occurs in years when trees fruit heavily (Kakapo are excellent climbers) providing a plentiful food supply.

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