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Kea Bird Hand Puppet with Sound

Kea Bird Hand Puppet with Sound

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Kea Bird Hand Puppet with Sound

This Kea Bird is a hand puppet that makes the actual sound of the New Zealand Kea Bird when pressed. It's head also swivels and is controlled from inside the puppet.

It measures 30cm tall.

About the Kea
Kea is rated as one of the most intelligent birds in the world which helps it survive the harsh alpine environment, learning to find new sources of food e.g. raiding rubbish bins at tourist parks! Kea are mostly vegetarian but will eat insects. It is a social, inquisitive bird which uses the strong manipulative power of it's beak to investigate objects, including cars, causing quite some damage. The kea is a big bird growing to half a metre long which nests on the ground at high altitude among boulders. Currently regarded as rare, this cheeky parrot enjoys full protection.

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