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Paua Shell Laminate - Autumn Tints Peel and Stick 4 Pack

Paua Shell Laminate - Autumn Tints Peel and Stick 4 Pack


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Paua Shell Laminate - Autumn Tints Peel and Stick 4 Pack

Ocean Shell in an easy to use form. This pack of 4 pieces consists of a mix of Autumn Toned tints.

Each piece has a Peel & Stick acid free backing for ease of use.

Finish: Gloss Sheet 

Acid Free Peel & Stick Backed, for ease of use.

Pack Contains: 4 x 50mm x 50mm Pieces - 1 x Peridot Pearl Tint, 1 x Lemon Peridot Paua Tint, 1 x Golden Ochre Paua Tint, 1 x Golden Pearl Tint.

Tips for using Natural Paua Shell Laminate
This is an Acid Free Peel & Stick product made from Natural Ocean Shell.  It has a strong adhesive with a white backing to peel off for placement.  The Shell Laminate has a clear lacquer coating that can be sanded lightly and recoated. You can also sand any rough edges. this is genuine shell it has a certain fragility, so care should be taken when working with it.

Use either a craft knife or sharp scissors. With a craft knife score the laminate ently first, then progressively re-cut applying more pressure until cut is complete.  To cut curves draw masking tape. A laser is ideal for intricate designs.

Punching and Diecutting
We recommend "Sizzix" diecutters and "Carl" punches. Simple shapes work best with Shell Laminate. If you place carefully you can also use the outline shape in your work.
NB Place the shell side away from the blade to reduce any shattering on edges,

Embossing, Stamping and Metallic Pens
You can emboss or stamp on the Shell Laminate
 - Metallic colours stand out best. With stamping and metallic pens, permanent inks generally work, but you may need to heat with an embossing gun to set.

Acrylic Paints adhere well to the Shell Laminate

Enjoy using this unique Natural ocean Shell product from New Zealand

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