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Rjs Licorice Allsorts 280g

Rjs Licorice Allsorts 280g


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Rjs Licorice Allsorts 280g

Made in New Zealand with fruity flavors and just a dash of coconut.  Each piece is bursting with fruity-licoricy goodness. Featuring the delicate texture that is unique to all RJ's Licorice products. Made with Natural licorice.

Size: 280g

Ingredients: cane sugar, glucose syrup (wheat/corn), water, wheat flour, molasses, desiccated coconut, corn starch (wheat/corn), liquorice extract, treacle, gelatine, humectant (E422), palm kernel oil, rice bran oil, acidity regulators (E330 & E296), salt, aniseed oil, colours (E 102,110,129,133), artificial flavours (orange, lime, raspberry lemon & banana), vanillin (artificial vanilla flavour)

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