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Spotted Kiwi Soft Toy with Sound

Spotted Kiwi Soft Toy with Sound

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Spotted Kiwi Soft Toy with Sound

This spotted kiwi soft toy makes the actual sound of a New Zealand kiwi when pressed.

It measures 15cm in height.

About the Spotted Kiwi

The kiwi is New Zealand's national icon but despite the fact that New Zealanders are known as 'KIWIS' most have never seen the bird in its native habitat or heard it. It's unusual by bird standards being unable to fly and having hair like feathers. It is mainly nocturnal sniffing out food using nostrils located at the end of it's long beak. The North Island brown kiwi is the most common species with about 25,000 remaining but endangered. The smaller males do most of the egg incubating but it is the larger female who has to lay an egg about one third it's own size. Kiwis live in pairs and mate for life and can live up to 30 years in a predator free environment.

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