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Sterling Silver Double Fern Pendant

Sterling Silver Double Fern Pendant

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Sterling Silver Double Fern Pendant

This gorgeous sterling silver double fern pendant is crafted to the highest quality by Jewellery of New Zealand. Comes with a sterling silver chain and jewellery box.  it features two Silver Ferns, an iconic New Zealand symbol, intertwined to stunning effect.

Proudly made in New Zealand.

Measurements: 20mm long and 134mm wide.

Silver Fern: The silver fern is the national symbol of New Zealand and is widely recognised around the world. There are approx. 190 species of native fern in New Zealand and the most famous of these is the silver fern. It is widely used as the emblem of New Zealand and it's sports teams including the all blacks, the all whites and the national netball team, the silver ferns.

About Jewellery of New Zealand:  Jewellery of New Zealand have designed and hand-crafted jewellery since 1991. Inspired by the rich heritage of natural beauty, Maori and other cultures in New Zealand, their jewellery reflects the harmony between nature and human beings. Their love of nature radiates through the range of jewellery to create a unique fashion experience.

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