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Teardrop Paua Shell Pendant

Teardrop Paua Shell Pendant


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Paua Shell Teardrop Pendant - Comes with black cord.

Measures: 30mm wide, 20mm long.

Made in New Zealand

Benefits and properties of paua -
The shimmering colour of the shell shows its beauty. The blend of colours it has gives it that warm glow. It's an unique piece of shell from the ocean. Each shell has a different colour range, making each piece original.

Caring for your paua jewellery
Taking good care of your paua jewellery is quite simple, the shell is naturally hard, and won't break easily. Do take reasonable care with storage, as the shell may crush if trodden on, and take off your paua jewellery before bathing and whenever you enter the water to lengthen it's life.
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