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Traditional Korowai Cape Red

Traditional Korowai Cape Red


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Traditional Korowai Cape Red

Korowai are fine flax cloaks decorated with tassels and feathers.

Korowai (tasselled cloaks) were originally developed from pake or rain capes. Pake were covered with flat leaves, these leaves were perfect to direct rain off the cloak and keep the wearer dry. Later, weavers transformed these practical cloaks into elegant pieces with the addition of feathers and tassles.

Korowai take their name from korokoro (loose) and wai (water, or flowing). Distinctive hukahuka (tassels) cascade down these garments, rippling and swaying with the wearer’s every movement.

This piece features black and red feathers and a Traditional Taniko band.

The perfect piece for a special occasion, bride or bridesmaid, milestone birthday or graduation.

Size: 1050 mm x 220 mm deep, excluding the cords.

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