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Wall Art Rimu Fern

Wall Art Rimu Fern


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Wall Art Rimu Fern

This striking and beautifully simple wall panel featuring one of New Zealands most famous icons, the silver fern, has been lovingly crafted from recycled New Zealand rimu veneerboard.

Measurements:: 170mm (6.69 inches) wide, 300mm (11.81 inches) long and 10mm (0.39 inches) deep.

Made in New Zealand

The Silver Fern
The silver fern is an iconic symbol of New Zealand and has been used as the country's sporting emblem since 1888, often displayed on the uniforms of New Zealand's national sports teams, most notably the "All Blacks" rugby and "Silver Fern" netball teams.

New Zealand Native Rimu
The majestic rimu can be found throughout New Zealand. Mature specimens grow to a height of over 60m (200ft) & up to 1000 yrs of age. Heart rimu with a red/brown grain is one of the most beautifully figured woods in the world. A growing scarcity, fuelled by felling bans and ravenous demand has made rimu a highly sought after and prized decorative timber. This product is made from recycled NZ rimu. 

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