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Carved Koru Bone Pendant

Carved Koru Bone Pendant


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Bone koru Pendant with featured tea stain. Comes with black cord.

30mm pendant, width 30mm (approx), lenght 30mm (approx).

This pendant is in the shape of the koru which is inspired by the uncurling fern fond which is commonly found in New Zealand. It represents peace, tranquility, personal growth, positive change and awakening. It has been traditionally used to signify New life, new beginnings and harmony.

Bone was an important material for the Maori. It was hard, durable and simple to work. It was used for fish hooks, chisels, spear points and many other useful tools. Moa bone, seal ivory and human bone were the main sources. It has been said that once you wear a piece of bone next to your skin, some of you passes into the pendant and the pendant becomes one with you.
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