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Merinomink Two Tone Poncho 10 Colours

Merinomink Two Tone Poncho 10 Colours

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Merinomink Two Tone Poncho

The Two Tone Poncho from Merinomink is so amazing you might have to buy all the colours as this is a wardrobe staple piece. The poncho can be worn in three different ways, each way will create a very different look. The poncho is ideal for all shapes and sizes. The Ponch features elegant colour tipping which adds a beautiful detail you will love.

Colours Available:  Colours Available: Dijon/Slate, Feather/Slate, Jet/Slate, Lapis/Slate, Latte/Slate, Magnolia/Slate, Matipo/Slate, Rose Dust/Slate, Tamarillo/Slate & Zephyr/Slate.

Sizes Available: One Size.

Measurements: Width - 75cm (29.5 inches), Length - 53cm (21 inches).

Made in New Zealand

About Merinomink
Merinomink is an exclusive blend of 100% natural fibres - fine Merino wool and luxurious Brushtail Possum fibre, blended with silk for strength, and with angora added for lighter colours. Merinomink is unique in that it has featherweight softness and is incredibly warm, due to the hollow structure of the Brushtail Possum fibre, which traps air both within the fibre and in the fabric when blended with high crimp, fine Merino. The fibre has no scales, so resists piling and has outstanding durability and excellent performance characteristics.

Garment Care:
Hand wash in warm water using a wool detergent, spin the excess water out in the washing machine and air dry naturally. Merinomink garments can be drycleaned also. The 100% natural fibres of the Merinomink blend resist odour so Merinomink requires less washing, making it easier on you and the environment. You can find all the washing instructions on the care label inside every Merinomink garment.

To clean poncho - We recommend hand wash or dry clean only.

Size Chart


Garment Content (EXCEPT Wistful/Slate): 50% Merino, 40% Possum, 10% Silk
Garment Content for: Wistful/Slate: 50% Merino, 20% Possum, 20% Angora, 10% Silk

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