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Silverado Sterling Silver Bracelet 21cm

Silverado Sterling Silver Bracelet 21cm


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Silverado sterling silver bracelet. Available in one size 21cm. Suitable for all Silverado, Pandora and Biagi style charms and beads.

Sizes: 21cm - comes with a medium sized clip.

Choosing the correct sized bracelet - here's what we recommend:

Before you start adding beads and charms, try on the bracelet.
  • The bracelet should hang below your wrist, resting above the thumb. (The position will sit approximately 1/3rd of the length of your hand).
  • An indication is that a 20cm bracelet can hold approximately 18 - 20 beads & charms.
  • Depending on the length of choice, beads and charms can be added as you wish.
  • Once you start adding beads & charms, the aesthetics of the bracelet will become apparent.
  • More beads will result in a tighter fit, less beads, a more flexible effect.
Threading the beads:

In order to thread your beads correctly, bear the following in mind.
  • The core of each bead has a unique bump system.
  • Three bumps are strategically placed along each chain.
  • Ensure that the bead is lined up straight before attempting to thread your bracelet.
  • Gently turn your bead over the thread.
  • If the bead gets stuck, realign your bead and re thread.
  • Please do not use force as this will cause unnecessary frustration.
How to take care of your Jewellery

Special care should be taken when wearing your Silverado Jewellery.
  • Dropping your jewellery on the floor could cause the beads to break. This pertains especially to our murano glass.
  • Vigorous activities can put your bracelet and beads under duress.
  • Excess exposure to water should be avoided.
To ensure that Silverado Jewellery always looks at its best, the following cleaning method should be followed:
  • Use a soft cloth or a jeweler's polishing cloth.
  • Rub each piece gently.
  • Store separately from your other jewellery.
  • Do not use chemicals or toothpaste.
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