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Triple Twist Greenstone Pendant

Triple Twist Greenstone Pendant


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Greenstone Triple Twist Pendant

The Greenstone triple twist design represents friendship, bonds and two becoming one.

The pendant is made from New Zealand Greenstone and comes with a velvet pouch and waxed black adjustable cord.

Measurements: Length: 43mm (1.5") Long, 23mm (0.9") wide

Made in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Twist - Crossover
This pendant is in the shape of a triple twist which represents a bonding of friendship, two lives becoming one for all eternity.

Greenstone is a term specific to New Zealand to describe Jade. There are two types of Jade, jadeite and nephrite. Nephrite is the only type to occur in New Zealand. Jade comes in a variety of colors, green being the most valued. Jade / Greenstone is a hard and tough stone. It has been illegal to export raw jade / greenstone from New Zealand since 1947 due to it's limited supply. 

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